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'Purewat' Pressure Filters 

Purewat Pressure Filter comprises a mild steel pressure-vessel with graded sand or activated carbon filter media of suitable particle size, depending upon the application - like removing suspended matter, turbidity, color, odour or free chlorine in water. For efficient filtration, a chemical dosing in raw water is often suggested. For raw water with higher turbidity, special treatment before filtration is necessary. Depending upon the volume of water to be filtered per hour, a horizontal filter or a vertical filter can be offered. The filter can be easily operated and maintained with the pipe work and valves provided in front of the filter. The filter bed can be cleaned periodically by back washing the filter with clean filtered water. Compressed air agitation of the sand bed helps easier back washing, better cleaning of sand filter bed and reduces quantity of back wash water. For this purpose a rotary air blower can be supplied as an optional extra. Pressure gauges, Rate of flow indicators are supplied where necessary.


'Purewat' Water Softeners

For flow rates from 75 litres per hour to 34,000 litres per hour. For higher flow rate requirements Softeners can be custom designed and built. 'Purewat' Water Softener removes the calcium and magnesium ions in the water and replaces them with sodium ions, by using good quality Base Exchange resin filled in a mild steel pressure vessel. A FRP brine storage cum measuring tank and a hydraulic educator with piping and valves are provided for easier regeneration. The standard package type softeners are designed for counter current system of regeneration where salt solution is passed downwards during regeneration while water is passed upwards during treatment. This ensures efficient regeneration, lesser salt consumption, higher quantity of soft water per regeneration and consistently lesser residual hardness in soft water. The size of the softener is determined by the soft water required per hour and quality of raw water.


'Purewat' Package Demineralisers

All Demineralisers are supplied with more accurate Digital Conductivity Meters. Four Models (Two-Bed type) of package Demineralisers are manufactured for producing demineralised water from 350 liters per hour to 5800 litres per hour. These Demineralisers are also designed for counter current system of regeneration. The cation and anion vessels in these package Demineralisers are generally of fiber - reinforced plastic construction and the pipework and control valves are of PVC construction. Two separate FRP tanks are provided to hold acid and alkali for regenerating cation and anion units conveniently.

Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Water with high dissolved solids can be economically treated employing a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. The RO Systems are assembled with membrane elements and a high-pressure pump, which are imported. Many of the configurations of RO systems have been standardized for quick deliveries lower inventory and easier availability of spares. The pre and post treatment systems are selected from the range of Standard Purewat Water Treatment Systems.

'Purewat' Portable Demineralisers

For flow rates from 15 litres per hour to 600 litres per hour. The two bed portable demineralisers bring down the dissolved solids in water to less than 5 mg per litre. These demineralisers are also designed for counter current system of regeneration where the water flows upwards during treatment while the regenerants are passed downwards during regeneration. This ensures lesser chemical consumption, higher quantity of demineralised water per regeneration and consistently good quality of demineralised water.


'Purewat' Mixed Bed Demineralisers

To produce I.P. Grade Demineralised water and bring down the dissolved solids to less than 1 mg per litre 'Purewat' mixed bed demineralisers can be employed. There are three models in portable Mixed Bed type for producing 15 litre per hour to 1000 litre per hour. 'Purewat' Portable Demineralisers are offered with FRP cylinders, with cation and anion resins, polythene tubing, six-valve module, FRP regenerant container. A conductivity meter continuously monitors the quality of demineralised water.

'Purewat' Hydrogen Polisher

Pure Water Enterprises is the first company in the country to introduce a Hydrogen Polisher to replace a Mixed Bed Polisher for producing, I.P. Purified grade demineralised water. The Hydrogen Polisher has to be employed after a two-bed demineraliser.


'Purewat' Water Treatment System

Where necessary, a judicious combination of some of our equipment is offered for proper treatment of water as a total water treatment system. Some of the equipment which do not come under our manufacturing range, but required for proper treatment of water, are procured by us from reputed manufacturers after careful consideration, and supplied along with our equipment.

Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic Products (FRP)
Al the FibreGlass Reinforced Plastic Tanks, Pressure Vessels and Components are moulded at our associate concern Pure Water Plastics under our close supervision which helps us maintain quality and economical prices. The firm has been instrumental in developing a number of components and systems in Fibre glass and the development efforts still continue

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